Posted by Rahul Gupta on 23 Jan 2016


I’m inadvertly lost in that smile of yours,
And in each and every single word that you say,
Sometime I don’t even know who I am anymore,
As you lead me on a path, I’ll never astray.

I will keep following you,
Because I love you.

And every night I can’t help but watch you sleep,
Down from the countless flickering stars, I’m soaring,
And every time I wish I could step into your dream,
Through the calming dead of light, I’m falling.

I will keep loving you,
Because I fell hard for you.

While you’re slumbering I put my ear on your chest,
And I can’t help but lose myself within the echoing sounds,
Putting me into a trance,
It’s such a feeling I will never forget,
For the cherished memories are found.

I will forever remember you,
Because I need you.

I never dare to slip into unconsciousness,
As I pretend to meld myself into your fantasies,
Entering a world that leaves me somewhat restless,
But the thoughts & colours swirl around me so mesmerizingly.

I will forever desire you,
Because I’m drawn to you.

Listening to your heartbeat, Eternally flowing,
It’s Like listening to your life’s stream,
Endlessly calming.

I will always listen for you,
Because I’m awaiting to hear from you.

Playing an angelic synth,
You’re so innocently beautiful,
I’m blessed to have the person I’m with,
A harmonic presence which makes life so meaningful.

I always want to be with you,
Because I gave my soul to you.