Mornings & Evenings

Posted by Rahul Gupta on 22 Mar 2016

Mornings & Evenings

Oh nature, you’re a criminal, a gangsta’,
You are cruel to send your kin after my soul,
Every day for a lil’ piece of me,
Tempting with the morning light,
Passionately igniting the soul and heart,
And before the storm of the scorching heat,
Arrives the blissful, merciful wind,
Silently taking away a piece of me,

Sitting here in ignorance looking clairvoyantly,
Into the pink eyed ghost of past,
And the hauntingly mesmerizing blue eyed future,
Observing the unraveling of the mystic,
Enigmatic fabric of space & time being spun from
The loom of fate in that old watch.

The fleeting moments of the days are hopefully lost
In the ignorance of the chasing ones.

Once Again,
The moon awakens, night falls & from dusk to dawn,
Arrives the motherly breeze with a whiff of leaves, soil and dirt,
Cooling the scorched soul of the day, The jittering bugs & howling wolves calm this poor soul, Fulfilling the gaps left in the soul.

At the break of dawn,
With the morning light & dew in eyes,
Now, again reminded of the hellish torture,
Cause you are the nature, fate and time.