Posted by Nehul Akash Sahu on 12 Jun 2016


The bell tolls,
At darkest hour,
The crescent all pearly,
Dispenses ghostly showers,
The Echo persists, lingers & hover,
Crosses my threshold, sounds louder,
Then I get out to greet my horror.

The moon shines brilliantly,
Clouds tread over him indifferently
Mix shades of white and grey,
Moon dangles from sky’s frays,
A mystic creature pondering to flee.

My path clogs with fog,
Silence pierced by howls of dogs,
The bats glide through wind’s shear,
Night progresses, a hunting black bear.

Broad avenues seems narrow,
When you are pressed down with sorrow,
Your present couldn’t get more hollow,
But if you are tough, you wish,
For light of better tomorrow.

I am alone, so is the path,
Cold I am, so is the dark,
I have time, the world does not,
The reason I go places,
The world thinks naught.

The wind swivels, a colossal drink,
Nostalgic cold makes me shrink,
The destination will make you cringe,
It’s where the death bells ring.

Slowly my senses heighten,
The thought of meeting you, tighten,
A knot in my heart’s strings,
An instrument revives, eager to sing.

And I reach my place,
Heaven for death & decay,
The door croaks as I enter,
Allowing me to go greet her.

On the grounds are eternal beds,
Crowned by marble stone heads,
But I know the one in which she rests,
For I placed her myself,
With trembling arms and heavy chest.

Swiftly, I make my way,
Sit beside you and say,
Wake up, I am here again today,
Let’s complete the life’s play,
I know she wouldn’t,
And I am no craze,
But sometimes to better your days,
You part away &and go strange ways.

I blow off the dust,
From the marble’s crust,
Hot touch against marble’s cold,
I run fingers through ages old,
Engravings, your name, they told.

Through grooves & through cuts,
I can still feel you as such,
And then a tree trunk swings,
Exposing a form, I could not miss.

Flowing, it would glide,
Illuminated, by a source behind,
I can bet on all roulettes,
I just saw your silhouette.

As it comes to me,
My heart thumps frantically,
As it towers over me,
I am on ground,
Heaving deeply.

As I open my eyes,
It’s just clear starry night,
Twinkling & blinking through their sockets,
Winking, as in hiding this secret in their pockets.

God or devil,
I don’t care for this label,
Whoever sullied his hands in this.

Pure evil, personified he is,
Who is to say,
That what is today,
Will continue to next day.

I can claim love is eternal,
Isn’t the receiving end lost in the funeral??
I promised, whenever u call,
I would honor that hour,
Grave as venue, midnight as hour,
Your choices & I will honor.

Shall I tell the world,
That I lay so late,
With a form from your grave,
Perhaps, your silhouette??