The Jog

Posted by Nehul Akash Sahu on 30 Jun 2016

The Jog

Murmuring our favourite tune,
We go inside, only to be out soon,
Clad in our jogging kit,
Jungle trail about to be hit.

What use is a treadmill,
When you live atop a lush green hill,
Just outside its pine’s forest,
The air it sustains, has no contest.

The trail is earthy,
Among the sea of green,
Stone studded and frosty,
The very first feet difficult to see.

Our toes hit with soft thuds,
Resonate with chirps of birds,
Visibility is clogged, we run through fogs,
Trail gets tougher so does the jog.

The breaths are getting heavy,
Fatigue, has started to levy,
Just crept in has exhilaration,
We look and smile, getting acceleration.

The breaths are turning to frost,
More & more, as we exhale them fast,
Soon visible is finishing line,
Calling for the ultimate race time.

You burst forward with spurt,
I just put enough, to match your gust,
And finishing side by side simultaneously,
To bicker, who’s the winner teasingly?

Pouting, you retire to mossy boulder,
Insensitive, I call, Come on Loser,
Your eyes reduces to slits,
And glistening face turns away,
Oh dear, it’s gonna take all,
To make her sway.

Briskly, I approach,
You won’t look, lest with reproach,
While I ready my arms and say,
‘Come on pretty,’
In a second lift you up,
‘See you aren’t that heavy.’

I will never feel any weight,
For I have been through my ‘wait’,
With all the beauty and charm,
You have been built to fit my arms.

You squirm and you kick,
I have you cased, like candle’s wick,
Just escaped from you a grin,
Noticing, I say, fine you win.

But you still won’t grace with your look,
Fine, even I don’t need a book, Just have to make you giggle,
I will resort to tickle.

Just as you burst out laughing,
Startled birds disperse out flying,
Forest’s mood turned just brighter,
Even sunshine has penetrated,
Thus shines you brighter.

Slowly around my neck,
You have your arms draped,
Alike adjusting inside a small nest,
You lodge the head in my chest.

‘All set and all comfy,?’
I ask to verify,
‘Oh no you cheat’,
‘Not till you slow the heartbeat,’.

Slowing down to leisurely stroll,
Near banks of a watering hole,
And would continue back on trail,
Love and gaiety on our tail.

Every day I am ready,
To be otherwise when you say’ steady’,
To lose in this manner,
Yet win over life with colorful banners.