An Angel

Posted by Rahul Gupta on 15 Jul 2016

An Angel

Oh Angel why do you always come at night?
When I am asleep,
Whisper in my my ears and steal my dreams,
Come out of the shadows,
And enlighten my days with your ways.

With eyes shimmering and glimmering in the darkest nights,
So maybe the astronomers should point their telescopes back to the Earth,
Cause girl you are the beginnin’ of the Universe,
But these idiots keep looking for you in the whole Universe,
All the while ignoring the mother freakin’ Earth,
Always coming in big and never learning without a bang,
The thought of loosing you is the worst that I have.

And don’t you worry angel,
You don’t need no potions and lotions,
Keepin’ up appearances for all the idiots.

Come meet me in the day,
Let’s stop the time,
Let’s do it together,
Change the course of events.